Sunday, August 15, 2010

Twilight? A classic? The REAL Scoop

Thousands of teens across the nation are overcome with love for Tw*l*ght. But is it truly a book worth reading?? I say NO! Tw*l*ght is a story of bloodthirsty vampires in love with a seemingly normal girl. However you cannot possibly be normal if you have an odd magnetism towards giant parasites and evil wolf dudes. How can this possibly make sense? The truth is: it doesn't. So why do so many teens fill their heads with this rubbish? Because they haven't read our blog. So now because of your enlightenment you too can have power in your decisions instead of falling for super pale dudes and dudes with identity crisis. Yay you!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Backstage look at Jacob Black a.k.a. Werewolf

First off, werewolf really... what is so attractive about that? They eat meat and attack humans pretty much like vampires do. Bella is going after two guys who could totally demolish her if they so choosed. Plus going after more than one guy and being serious with both is a red flag and a bad idea. Jealous is not what you want from two guys who both think they love you (more like want you for breakfast). Jacob has been lying and keeping secrets and is not trustworthy! He has a group of mumbo jumbo wolves just like him and alone or together they are all very dangerous! I have a question: Why does Jacob continually go after a girl he knows cares for another and is off limits and who he knoes he can never have? He is a stalker and he has obsessions that prove he is mentally distressed. He is probably angry and moody along with jealous and these are all qualities of someone capable of dangerous actions and should not be trusted nor adored by anyone.
Thank you! That is all for now...

~Tw*l*ght Hater Trio
Foot note: In my opinion Taylor Lautner is very attractive, yes, but do not be decieved by his character Jacob Black who is obviously insane and dangerous!!! Once more evil is in the air just like with Edward Cullens!!!