Thursday, July 22, 2010

An In Depth Profile of Bella Swan

Bella needs to make up her mind on whether or not she likes Edward, a bloodsucking albino, or Jacob, half man half wolf. Both seem like terrible choices to us personally. These certain choices when looking for a guy tells us that Bella has major emotional issues. She is also mental and disturbed! What girl in her right mind goes out and says, "I think the right kind of guy to date would be someone like an evil vampire or a werewolf."?? She is obviously crazy or insane to some degree. And another thing why would you not be freaked out and afraid of being bit and turning into a vampire when he admits to everything?!? His own family wants to have you for breakfast. That is a very bad sign. I say dump him, get rid of wolf man and find a nice guy who won't eat you! Seriously Bella, what is your deal??

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